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Recycling : how we reuse our household waste in our garden

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Reuse reuse reuse!

In our bid to save the planet, at Single Hill Flowers, we do our best to reuse our household waste as many times as possible. We save all the hard plastic containers that come from supermarket packaging, punch holes in the bottom and use them as trays and pots for starting off seeds. These can stay with us for years and do the same job as any bought seed trays from garden shops. We also save all the clean cardboard that comes from postal deliveries and use it to line our raised beds to suppress the weeds or to create no-dig beds. See our blog on home-made mulch to read about how we use our food waste in the garden.

The egg box method

We particularly find that egg boxes are the ideal size to plant individual seeds while using the tiniest amount of compost. Once the seedlings are big enough to pot on, we transfer them in their compost surroundings to either larger containers (such as plastic milk bottles cut in half) filled with soil from the ground where the plants will eventually live, or directly to the ground. We find that this not only saves hugely on compost but it allows the seedlings to quickly get used to the type of environment they will ultimately grow in for the rest of their lives.

The toilet roll method

This year we are also trialling the toilet roll method for planting seeds. As per the picture below, we have folded over the bottom of empty toilet rolls to create a base, and then filled them with compost to sow the seeds in. The idea is that once the seedlings are large enough to plant in the ground, instead of removing them from their starting place, the whole toilet roll along with the compost and seedling can be dug into the ground, leaving the toilet roll cardboard to decompose in the soil as the plant grows and hence zero waste. This method requires that you ideally only sow one seed in each toilet roll to avoid the need to prick out seedlings and pot on. Let us know if this method has worked well for you!

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