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Dried flower wreath making kit

Dried flower wreath making kit

Make your own wild-style dried flower wreath kit.

Dried flower wreath making kit.

The kit contains a 16-18cm natural willow wreath base, dried flowers and foliage, natural jute for tying your flowers to the wreath base and for hanging, and set of instructions.

(Scissors are not included).

Colours include yellow&purple and other natural coloured elements

Dried flower varieties include: helichrysum, statice, grasses, wild flowers and teasel, nigella & corn cockle seed heads among others.

The flowers, foliage and willow base in this kit have all been grown, harvested and dried using eco-friendly methods in our garden in Shoscombe, Bath, Somerset. Everything in the kit is 100% compostable.

If you don't want to use all the flowers for your wreath, you can also use the rest to make some mini arrangements to display around the house!

This is the perfect gift set for birthdays, celebrations, just because, or a rainy day activity to channel your floral creativity!

Please note, your wreath is not designed to be hung outdoors. They are indoor wreaths only.

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