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Be Green: Buy Local

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

In our ever changing world with climate change at the forefront of every other headline it is more important than ever to look around us and make small steps in our daily lives to help reduce our carbon emissions across the globe.

The vast majority of supermarket bought flowers come from abroad, thus consuming a hefty amount of fuel in transporting, along with electricity to store the flowers in the correct conditions to make the journey. Not to mention the chemicals used in order to allow the flowers to last long enough to reach our homes.

Now compare that to a bunch of flowers bought from your local grower in your town or village who may only have to drive a handful of miles to get the flowers to you, or perhaps none at all. Not only will the flowers be freshly picked, not needing any chemical intervention to be able to sustain a healthy and long lasting vase life, but your carbon footprint will be next to nothing and therefore you can enjoy all the wonderfulness that flowers offer with the safe knowledge that you are helping the planet by buying them.

Why from garden to vase is the way forward

Local flower growers are likely to grow varieties of flowers including wildflowers that look and sit relaxed in vases, creating exciting and natural looking arrangements. These types of flowers encourage wildlife such as bees and butterflies that are much needed to feed the eco-system in the local area. Vibrantly coloured and highly scented blooms are magnets to insects and encouraging more people to grow their own flowers or buy from those who already do, will help to keep our planet running the way it should.

Last summer at Single Hill Flowers we had a multitude of bees hovering over our cosmos, buddleia, larkspur and our wild flower section of the garden. This year we hope to encourage even more insects by planting many more varieties. If you have any top varieties that insects love where you are, let us know!


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